Idol – Second 12

Well, I just got caught up on Tivo with last night’s episode. Here ’tis in a nutshell.

Who do I love? Megan (tattoo arm) and Allsion (red headed 16 year old) who blew out some “Alone”.

Who can I live with? Kris held his own with Man in the Mirror, Matt the welder wasn’t amazing with the Tonic song but good enough. Jesse with Betty Davis Eyes was weird but acceptable. Mishavonna’s “Drops of Jupiter” was weird but very good. 

Who has the most likability? Kai

Who blew it? Jasmine (too pitchy), Matt (where’s the blues dude?), Jeanine ( looked and sounded like she was lip syncing)

I am confused. Why is Norman Gentile/Nick Mitchell here? I am entertained, but some talent was left in Hollywood due to this guy going through. I just don’t know. He pulled off a couple of big notes though.

My curse? As of now everyone will love Adam the screamer at the end. I couldn’t stand him. Too over the top for me and his voice just doesn’t get it for me. That being said he will probably grow on me.

Who would I put through? Allison, Megan, and Kris

Who will go through? Adam, Allison, and Matt the welder.


I’m just not deep

Although I desire to be much deeper. I am not. I am an American Idol geek. I invest time into three TV shows.  Idol, Friday Night Lights, and Lost. 

I even vote. I don’t care what you think. I like to think calling in makes a difference.

So, if you care about Idol, you might read the rest of this. Below, I rank how I saw it.

Worst to first.

12. Brent Keith- Your asking yourself already who he is because he was that forgettable. He was the Home Depot guy from Ohio that sang some country song called “Hicktown”. Bleh.

11. Stevie Wright- What was she thinking? A Taylor Swift song that doesn’t have the ability to showcase great vocals. And I liked Stevie. Had high hopes. She blew it.

10. Casey Carlson – Dang, she is adorable. But, adorable is for poodle lovers. The Police? Nobody touches Sting. That’s the kind of artist you have no idea his talent until you try to sing his song. Casey, Casey, Casey, just terrible.

9. Jackie Tohn – A fashion disaster, and a potential What Not to Wear case. Funky, loud, fun. But the Elvis song was to shouty and did not show off her vocal range. We might see her in the wildcard round.

8. Steven Fowler – Fowler the growler takes on wussy Michael Jackson. C’mon. I expected much more. Will we see him in the wildcard round?

7. Michael Sarver – He wasn’t horrible. I think the Gavin Degraw song is overdone. He was a bit spastic. But, he too has potential.

6. Ann Marie – I liked Ann Marie. Sure, the song was too big for her, but she is improving. Is it too late though?

5. Anoop Desai – He is so likable. But, Monica’s “Angel of Mine”? It was pure stupidity. You don’t risk your dream on your first favorite R&B song. My first 45 was “Undercover Angel” by Alan O’ Day but I am not going to sing it live in front of 25 million people. 

4. Tatiana Del Toro – At 8PM tonight I would have ranked her twelfth. She has a personality that I can even bear to watch. I thought tonight she would blow it and that would be it. But, at the very least she bought herself a wildcard life.

3. Alexis Grace – Not a fan of her either. The judges advice of getting trashy to get an identity frustrates me. But. Wow. She blew up that Aretha song. She should fly through.

2. Ricky Braddy – Who? Here is that one guy who got no face time until now and wows you. I need another night this good to see if he holds up. But, he tore up an incredibly difficult song. We will see more of him.

1. Danny Gokey – Feel good story of this year. Church music director. His wife passed away. His best friend doesn’t make the cut. Gets a vote from everyone just for that. On top of all that he blew it out of the water. Believe me I DJ’ed for 15 years. I have played Hero by Mariah Carey at more Bar Mitzvah’s than you count. I am tired of that song. Danny made me love it again. He sails through.

The predictions:

Kenny – I go by what I ranked. So, its Danny, Ricky, and Alexis for me. I voted most for Ricky the underdog.

Actual – Danny sails through. I think Alexis and Tatiana fight over votes. You say what!? Tatiana has the pull of the Anti- Idol people (Vote for the Worst). And I think Anoop is too likable to go.

So tomorrow I think you will see Danny, Alexis, and Anoop standing at the end.