Family went down to Marietta College (Ohio) to take Emma for her first tour of any college. It was cool. I think Lori and I wished we had been disciplined enough to live out the full on campus college experience. Small college with incredible facilities. Doubt Emma ends up there, but the tours have begun.

In the meantime I am spending my evenings listening to music at the South by Southwest music site. I am going through the list alphabetically downloading free tracks and seeing who is available at Emusic to download.



It’s time to post so it does not seem like I have checked out of the planet. I am currently off work, taking spring break with the kids. That being said. Emma is at Matt’s, Ethan is at Austin’s, Jack is at Nick’s and Lori and Miles are napping. Thus, I sit on the couch typing.

I am not certain home vacations are for me. I find myself motivated in the morning and by mid-afternoon I have no more desire to work around the house than eat paste.  More posts coming, I promise.

In the meantime, DANGER. If you go to this website you might see an offensive word or two, but the real danger is the time you will invest in conquering this game. TERMINAL HOUSE. I have warned you.