Ha, new post. No insight.

Most of the time I don’t post for I want to be articulate, but am too tired to be so.  I also, want you to leave here with something profound. Can we just go on record to let you know that ain’t gonna happen.  Sorry.

What’s on my agenda for today? Currently, I will finish this post and tweak the wedding ceremony message I am preparing for a wedding I am performing this weekend. My drama in that scenario was to find out Monday that my ordination at church was not enough to marry someone in the state of Ohio. So, yesterday I headed downtown to the Secretary of State’s office and with ten minutes I was official. I am sure Ashley and Brian would be relieved.

They have a friend reading Colossians 3:12-14 as part of the ceremony and I am going to speak on that passage.  God, has truly blessed me with my first wedding. I couldn’t have asked for a more solid couple sold out for the Lord.  After many years of DJ’ing weddings, I am now the pastor. For all of you that have known me a long time you can stop laughing now. And for those of you who think I will double dip and marry you than get you to dance to the YMCA, my DJ days are done.

After tweaking it, I will put the finishing touches on tonight’s message at Ground Zero. I, originally was too speak on Impatience and Irritability, which is joke in of itself. But, since Invisible Children returns tonight, I will focus on James 1:27. Tonight should be emotional and strum the heart strings of some of the apathetic.

Lunch with PK and a young man interested in Jersey’s Young Adult ministry. The afternoon accommodating the Invisible Children roadies. At 5 I meet with Derek to review the 6 page document that is the logistics and finances for Watertown.  Than the rest of the evening is dedicated to the flock I serve.