Not your grandma’s Little Red Riding Hood

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Tonight I am just posting my random thoughts as is.

Michael – I am going down until the sun comes up….this is his niche…can’t tell how good the voice is…give it a 7

Allison – Blame it on the Heart – her voice sounds strange to me tonight…good, not great…7+

Kris – Garth Brooks…a bit boring, he’s kind of plain, but his good looks and solid voice will fly through – 7+

Lil Rounds – Martina McBride – Independence Day – sounded a little bit like Fantasia and in my book that is not a compliment….she kills every song though… a solid 8

Adam –Ring of Fire – “I don’t even what to think of this boy” said Randy Travis….dude continue creeps me out….weirdo…5

Scot – Wild Angels – Martina McBride – he is just not good….4

Alexis – Jolene – I like her, that song moved me… I think the judges misjudged on her tonight….she gets an 8

Danny – Jesus take the Wheel – thought it was just OK, a couple of moments, but the build up was weak – 7

Anoop – Always on My Mind – what?! He moved the whole family…. Dude saved himself this week…8+

Megan – Walkin After Midnight – Anita O’ Day meets Nina Simone meets Dinah Washington…is America up to that old diva thing? Don’t think so, but I am…. 8+

Matt – So Small – thought he really took over the song and rocked it, emma says very good…judges loved him…8

If you vote for Adam you have mental issues. If you don’t care for Megan our friendship might have to end. Anoop was excellent and I am not rooting for him. I would love to be in the church when Danny leads worship. 

Who goes home? I think it should be Scot. I would jump for joy if it was Adam. But, unfortunately I think it will be Matt. Look at the list. You could see have them all having some type of fan club. But, I am not sure about Matt. Too bad, I think he is worthy of the top ten.

Idol 13

Let me just go on record by saying Adam creeps me out. Sorry all you Adam freaks but he weirds me out. I didn’t say he wasn’t talented I am just not sure I can watch him perform without looking away.

Anyway Danny, Lil Rounds, Adam, and Megan should soar through tonight. And yes I am a Megan homer. And until she blows it I will continue to be intrigued by her.  I think if she can find that audition tone to her voice she might start amazing everyone.

The others? Allison and Alexis were strong and have no reason for leaving.

Matt, Michael, Kris, Anoop, and Jasmine were average. Although I think Jasmine was the best of that group and Matt G is too wee like by the judges to get panned yet. I am rooting for him, but he too has not lived up too his audition.

Jorge and Scott should be done. They are both getting passes on likability and minimal talent. The “Never Can Say Goodbye” arrangement was atrocious.  And Scott chose a lackluster song when he needed to shine with something we could all root for.  It was far from artistic.

My family thinks the vote will send one home tomorrow and the judges will send the other.

And lets just give another amen to the fact Tatiana and Nathan the headband wearer are now watching from home.

Starved 09

I am getting ready to lead our students on an event reminiscent of the 30-Hour Famine. We will fast and serve and sing and share the one true gospel and feed others and focus on Matthew 25:31-46. 

Honestly, fasting is purely for Jesus. Humanly it is difficult and a struggle for me. But, we want to get a sense of the poverty and hunger in the world by relating too it this way. It is these kind of events I see teenager’s passion ignited, their understanding of the gospel deepen, and there willingness to live less selfishly afterwards happen.

So pray for them. Pray for revival. Pray they will see people respond to the gospel because of their compassion.

It is a privilege to lead these teens.

Wild Card Predictions

From the first two rounds: (I am guessing they will pick two guys and two girls from each round)

1. Ricky Braddy, Anoop Desai, Tatiana Del Toro (I didn’t say I liked her)

2. Megan Corkery,   Kai Kalama, Matt the Welder

My second guesses would include Mishavonna Henson and Jackie Tohn

Weird Night

I have no idea what was going on tonight. The judges are on crack or I forgot to put my hearing aids in.

In order:

Von Smith – “All I Need To Get By”. Great highs. Breathy lows. I liked him for the most part.

Taylor Vaifanua – “If I Ain’t Got You”. Sounded like Gloria Estefan. I never bought a Gloria Estefan recording.

Alex Wagner-Trugman – “That’s Why They Call It Blues”. At first listen I was intrigued. When they played it back I was appalled.

Arianna Afsar – “Winner Takes It All”. By the third note I was sending her home. She tried to save it the second half of the song. She didn’t.

Ju’not Joyner – “Hey There Delilah”. I had high hopes. They were not fulfilled. The judges loved it.

Kristen McNamara – “Give Me One Reason”. I loved it. She stretched the song. She has massive pipes. She’s humble. And the judges are on crack. She rocked. Did I say I loved it?

Nathaniel Marshall – “I Would Do Anything For Love”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Boy George does Meatloaf. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Felicia Barton – “No One”. Eh. Judges loved it. I say. Eh.

Scott McIntyre – “Mandolin Rain”. I am going to get politically incorrect here. But this guy is a charity case. If he could see he wouldn’t have sniffed the judges room in the first place. 

Kendall Beard – “This One’s For The Girls”. I thought she was consistent with the original. It was just happy.

Jorge Juniz – “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”. I am not going to get any love here. Yes, he has a voice. But it sounded like Al Pacino in Scarface singing Elton John. Just plain weird for me.

Lil Rounds – “Be Without You”. We agree! We agree!. She blew it out of the water! The only dynamic, powerful, black female voice this year.

My top three? Lil Rounds, Kristin, and I don’t care.

America? Lil Rounds, Scott, and Jorge