Saturday – Family

Where does a day go?

Up at 8…Coaches Clinic 9-12….Took  Miles  to B-Day party 1-3…..Came home ate lunch and headed to Dublin for Emma’s band competiton from 4-7….Picked up dinner watched Buckeyes stomp Penn State… OSU overrated? Whatever.

In the midst of all that I push toward a message on Judas I will preach next Sunday. I think I’ll call it. “Nobody names their kid Judas” or something like that. If anybody actually reads this thing please pray I will hear and obey the Spirit as the message comes together. What I am sensing is what we all need to learn from Jesus living out what he preached by loving Judas until the end.  The physical contact (the kiss of betrayal) is the last non-abusive contact Jesus would have before his death, yet no animosity. I cannot comprehend. And that is just a small portion why I love my Lord.


Friday – No rain

Day off. Kinda. Counseled a man with an drinking problem. It is funny most times we know in most situations what we need to do, but we put God on the backburner and lose our ability to think straight. We justify, we run, and then we sit down with someone and hear all the things we know. God, then seems to use them as a jump starter to all that needs to be done. I hope our Lord used me as a jump starter in that man’s life today.

Spent the afternoon cleaning up the damage from a backed up sump pump. It was wet. Obviously.

Football Friday Night. We chose Johnstown vs. Northridge to see Justin’s final game and see Johnstown’s band rock it. Johnstown came through, c’mon they were jamming to Fat-Bottomed Girls when we walked in. Justin made a great tackle on a reverse in the first half and tore his hammy. Bummer. Got to sit with Handsome Dave and Barbara took Miles down onto the field.

Good day. Good life.


Hard to imagine the mess in San Diego. Especially with all the rain here.

Got a chance to spend time with a good buddy in ministry today. I needed to see his friendly face.

Did lunch with an old music business aquaintance. Scored some CD’s for me and ministry. Charles is cool. Thirty, single, insightful, dating a woman that is challenging his future. To be married or not to be. I find it incredibly hard to address spiritual things in conversation sometimes. I knew I would be praying for Charles and that we have headed down the spiritual talk road before, but I went no further than I have in the past. I do not envy his life. Many would. Single, thirty, working in the music business, DJing in clubs, nice pad, etc.

But, me I cherish my wife, parenting, and modeling Jesus to Youth. I am not always great at any of them, but I cherish them all.

I seem to always capitalize Youth for I believe they are so important.

Tuesday- Rain

Spent some time writing and working through a Parent’s Class teaching yesterday that I am presenting tonight on Media Dangers. Oddly enough I am going to make the point that us parents ourselves might be the media dangers. This being because our lack of being informed and sometimes setting low standards in our own lives.

Did Starbucks with a Senior Tuesday. He is cool. Like, cool in the sense I could have never imagined myself being at his age. Together, Godly, focused, prayer warrior, a real winner. Guys like him inspire me to be a great adult.

‘Cause I dig everyone else’s WordPress’

Here it ’tis. Another attempt at consistently updating a blog. And believe me it will be random. Being that I love Jesus, My Family, Sports, and assorted assundries. I am currently passionate about my kids, my wife, college football, super silent reflective prayer, Africa, National Youth Worker’s Convention 2007 (the Atlanta version), and maybe just maybe a consistent blog post.