2010 Blessings

Posted on Facebook already, but I thought I would post on the official blog too.

Best moments of 2010:

  • Loving my Kindle, thanks to all of my family. Among the many books I read, Seth Godin’s Linchpin changed the way I think.
  • The Vikings best year 2009-10. No Super Bowl. But, for us fans. It was the best year we ever had.
  • Class of 2010 One Month to Live Video
  • Receiving an email from my friend Raine telling me that God hafd chiseled her heart and saved her.
  • The unselfishness of Dave Sparks and Jeff Riedel
  • Sandy Kisner and Linnie Milligan saving the week and jumping into drive our bus for a week with less than 48 hours notice!
  • Ethan batting .500 with 4 sacrifice bunts in the Team EAS tournament and then the team winning it.
  • Worship at World Changers in Charleston, WV
  • The incredible Jersey adults who served in Charleston
  • Smokey Mountains cabin with Lori and the Boys
  • Watching Emma leave girlhood and become a woman.
  • Miles WWE obsession.
  • Emma making the Dean’s List at Tiffin University
  • Jack growing as a drummer, being admired by his peers, and getting noticed by TRX cymbals and some bands he loves.
  • Watching the transformation of Nate Cramer as Jesus consumed his heart.
  • The whole Columbus World Changers was so daggone spiritually perfect it was breathtaking.
  • Bishop risking all the faith she had to jump into the Daraja internship. Then surprising her in Alabama with EK and DW.
  • Ashley Rogers living it out and going to Tanzania.
  • Twenty years of marriage.
  • Meeting Boni, Richard, and Jimmy. Real life Invisible Children.
  • Being challenged everyday by Erik’s passion for the gospel.
  • Watching Danny and Marty Rader’s step out in faith to serve Jersey Juniors at 945
  • The faithfulness of my flock of 101112 teachers. And my two stalwarts in CC ministry.
  • Class of 2011 40 Days of Purpose video.
  • Reading a Facebook post by a kid who is seeking the Lord, But, it is too inappropriate for me to post. But, it was more missional than most Christians.
  • Partnering with Pastor John and baptizing over 60 people in two services. It was beautiful.
  • High School Retreat.
  • The annual ‘go chop down the Christmas tree’ day.
  • Senior Christmas party.
  • Lori’s face when she opened her gift from Tiffany’s.
  • My kid’s appreciation of family and never complaining about where we have to go and never itching to leave. They live in the moment. I love that.
  • Jesus.

There is so much more. And it was healthy for me to look back and recognize all that God is blessing me and mine with. And if you look closely money is rarely involved, and when it is the beauty is in the giving.

I am sure I forgot something or someone. Don’t take that personal. Just add it in the comments. This is just what came flowing out as I reflected during some quiet time today.