College Football

Let’s face it. All true fans truly want a playoff system. But, would we all agree that this year was as good as it gets when it gets to college football. The argument for no playoff is how important each game is during the season. Will we ever have a Big 12 quarterback extravaganza like we saw this year again? Chase Daniels, Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, Graham Harrell.¬†

And we had great games that mattered all year. USC spanked the Bucks. Texas beat Oklahoma. Oklahoma beat Texas Tech. Texas Tech beat Texas.  Florida loses once all year to Ole Miss by one. And you might have missed this one, but Mississippi handed it to Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl. Alabama goes undefeated until they meet Florida. Than Alabama meets a quick, efficient Utah team and meets their match for the second straight game. And all of us in Underdog Land cheer loudly. Ohio State proved their worth against Texas. Florida and Tim Tebow showed Oklahoma who was boss. Iowa upsets Penn State who beats Ohio State on one bad fumble. Oregon State who beat USC lost to Utah. Just a reminder Utah went undefeated and beat five ranked teams. And if USC could play an SEC team maybe we would know how good they are. Nobody knew who would win the Heisman. And when the votes came out Tebow had the most number one votes but lost in overall points to Bradford. And McCoy, Tebow, and Bradford are all coming back next year. Crazy cool.

But, all this is said to say, “wasn’t it a great, if not best year for college football”. All of these teams made unforgettable memories; Cincinatti, Ohio State, Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Oregon State, Oklahoma, USC, Florida, Alabama, Virginia Tech, Penn State, Iowa.

Loved it. Miss it already.


Its interesting

I will strive to post more. But, when I post those words I disappear from the internet. Its interesting I recieved 8 affirmatives to continue posting, but the intriguing thing was that it was my second most visited post with over 50 views. Funny, post about nothing and people seem interested.

I never post – do you care?

OK. I am lazy. I never have the oomph to take the time too post. But, really do you care. I wll commit to posting consistently if anybody cares.

So, if i get a whopping ten comments that say continue on. Than I will do so. You have 7 days to make your case. Or too ignore me. Either is fine with me.