Election 2008

Can a man be more elegant and gentle than this when it comes to the election and the gospel. Can a man better live out 1 Peter 3:15 than this way? Teach me oh Lord, to be this gentle and discerning.


What I heard in Birmingham

What I heard in Birmingham. I would say learned, but I believe the Holy Spirit woke me up in some areas that I have yet to put into practice. So, it can’t be learned until I live it. Dig?

There are times when I see God move. Move mightily. Riveting would be a good word. Louie said something that I believe that defines those moments. “I was not necessary, but I got invited”.

Seventy six country’s Gross Domestic Product line is below what we spend on trash bags to throw our stuff away.

From David Platt, pastor of The Church at Brook Hills

“If you believe, you own the burden of Romans 9:1-5 and that would mean we don’t have enough time to indulge ourselves with stuff”.

“We live in privileged Christianity, rather than obligation Christianity (Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8)”.

Two Biblical Non-negotiables

  1. Gospel theology – Unwavering confidence in the gospel
  2. Urgent missiology – Undying commitment to the mission

Not a lot of words, just some heavy statements that I am still chewing on.