First 2007 List – Media Stuff

This is my first list of  2007 , take it for what its worth. 


 Best CD (download) bought in 2007: I downloaded a lot of old stuff since I am an Emusic subscriber. But, right now the 2007 candidates would be Andy McKee’s Dreamcatcher (whom I discovered through a You Tube video) and Andrew Bird’s Armchair Apocrypha; An album I am still growing into but he hits all the subtleties that draw me into an artist of his kind.

 American Idol surprises: Elliot Yamin’s CD stunk. Bucky Covington’s did not.

 Best musician I can’t stop playing: Alexi Murdoch. I wish this guy would release something soon.

 Biggest disappointment musically: David Crowder’s Remedy being a measly ten tracks three that could be heard elsewhere before this CD.

 The album I keep going back to: David Crowder Band – The A Collision. I hear something new every time I listen to it. Beautiful.

 Best new TV show: Hands down, Friday Night Lights. More sexual overtones than I prefer, but the show is brilliant. The best cast I have seen in years and add in football and I am sucker for its goodness every week.

 OK I admit it moment of TV 2007: I am a sucker for life changing reality shows. American Idol produces multiple recording artists and actors. Beauty and the Geek give new insights to brains and bombshells. And the Biggest Loser never fails to amaze me and grip me. And the sap I am, is guaranteed to tear up more than once during these shows.



I burnt out fast when I first started posting. So I try a bit at a time.

When I got back from Atlanta my five year old says, “Dad, the next time you go on a trip can you bring me back some chopsticks?”.  I really have no idea where that thought of his came from, but my mom made sure he had chopsticks in his stocking this Christmas.

Oh, and after wrapping gifts til 1AM I found this sight that took my fried brain and engaged it.

Prepared and overdue

Overdue post.

It has been an interesting December. With four kids, December can be overwhelming, but some steps toward financial wisdom have made Christmas more realistic. And we have the tree up early. Even though its so crooked it has fallen twice. Some fishing line and wall hooks and we are good to go. Or so we hope.

Traveled down in old neighborhood haunt this week. There is a restaurant there called Grill and Skillet. I have an affinity for dives. Good greasy diners. Lov’em. The Grill and Skillet is one of those joints where old men have been gathering together for years. The food is terrible, the service is average, and the atmosphere is ugly. BUT, its a gathering place, not a five-star restaurant. I was humored by the fact it is a wifi hotspot. The average age is over 60 and computer illiterate, but it did intrigue me. For it is a gathering place and Starbucks still charges for internet.