The guys ultimate office game

I am starting to believe there is no candidate to passionately support. In fact in McCain we have a liberal, not a conservative. And honestly it is hard to back Huckabee because I feel he’s riding the ‘evangelical’ support that Bush did. And can we say we are passionate about the last eight years and the way evangelical Christians look? We took it on the chin as a body of Christ because our over attachment to politics, and that bothers me. I read recently that those under 30 relate the word evangelical more to politics rather than Christian. That is troublesome my friends.

I just finished preaching a series that was rooted in Ecclesiastes. It doesn’t seem many people preach out of it. I love Ecclesiaste. I heard Driscoll say it was his favorite book of the Bible and I related. I always like to reference Piper for insight when I preach and he has no sermons on Ecclesiastes in the Resource Library. It was surprising.

If you don’t use Firefox your a loser. And if you are this is my new favorite shortcut.

Assign Keywords to Bookmarks

To speed up locating a bookmark, go to bookmarks/organize bookmarks, right click the link you want and select properties. Enter a short text string in the keyword field (For example, enter ‘coffee’ for your bookmark to this blog) and click “OK”. Then, to access the site simply type the text string (for example, ‘heath’) into the address bar and hit enter.

So now I type my initial in the address bar and it goes to my blog. I type Piper and it goes to Desiring God. I type inbox and it goes to it. Very nice.

Oh, and the office game we all have invested hours into. Throw paper.


Great Sunday

Sunday was rewarding. Hosted Allen Jackson (prof from New Orleans Baptist Seminary). He experienced our church and then trained our teachers in the afternoon. It was productive and well received. One thing I needed to be reminded of is that we rarely see drama in the Senior Class at church. Meaning, they do grow out of it. Whew! That’s a relief.

The blessing of ministry came to fruition mightily today. Without overdoing the details let’s say this. Investing five years in a student’s life pay forwarded beyond both our imaginations this weekend. Good stuff.

Unpacking Ecclesiastes 3 Wednesday. Speaking on patience, slowing down and appreciation. I am supposed to speak on recapturing joy. I should know by now, huh? I’ll get the Holy Spirit epiphany soon.

 The future of phones is mind boggling.

Todays game: Weird Etch a Sketch