Ha, new post. No insight.

Most of the time I don’t post for I want to be articulate, but am too tired to be so.  I also, want you to leave here with something profound. Can we just go on record to let you know that ain’t gonna happen.  Sorry.

What’s on my agenda for today? Currently, I will finish this post and tweak the wedding ceremony message I am preparing for a wedding I am performing this weekend. My drama in that scenario was to find out Monday that my ordination at church was not enough to marry someone in the state of Ohio. So, yesterday I headed downtown to the Secretary of State’s office and with ten minutes I was official. I am sure Ashley and Brian would be relieved.

They have a friend reading Colossians 3:12-14 as part of the ceremony and I am going to speak on that passage.  God, has truly blessed me with my first wedding. I couldn’t have asked for a more solid couple sold out for the Lord.  After many years of DJ’ing weddings, I am now the pastor. For all of you that have known me a long time you can stop laughing now. And for those of you who think I will double dip and marry you than get you to dance to the YMCA, my DJ days are done.

After tweaking it, I will put the finishing touches on tonight’s message at Ground Zero. I, originally was too speak on Impatience and Irritability, which is joke in of itself. But, since Invisible Children returns tonight, I will focus on James 1:27. Tonight should be emotional and strum the heart strings of some of the apathetic.

Lunch with PK and a young man interested in Jersey’s Young Adult ministry. The afternoon accommodating the Invisible Children roadies. At 5 I meet with Derek to review the 6 page document that is the logistics and finances for Watertown.  Than the rest of the evening is dedicated to the flock I serve.


U2 and Jesus

I am a crier. I weep easily. I do not hold back. Tonight as I read how God is working in a young lady’s life in our church I weeped with joy.  And as I was listening to Pandora, U2 began playing and it provided a soundtrack to the moment.

I wouldn’t call U2 a Christian band. But, I can assure you they were clear on who Jesus was long before me.  I resisted, rejected, and wrestled with disbelief for such a long time.  I was a hard nut to crack. I was hardened by my own pride and desire to define God on my own terms. How funny, huh? Arrogant. “God, I want to define you on my terms because than I will be able to justify all things that I think are right and call them spiritual”. That was pretty much me. 

I don’t know for sure what happened when. I do know I got tired of spirituality and the looseness of its definition in my life and those around me. I desired truth. I desired something concrete.  I had met spirtiuality and it had stalemated. It was time to move forward. And in time I dicovered the passion that is Christ.

Today, the journey fascinates me. I wish I was smart enough and energetic enough to keep up with all of it.  Never boring, always exhausting.

And now, on nights like these I get to weep with joy for The Truth that has transformed a young lady’s life. Thank you Lord.

Blogging. Fatigue. Time Management.

I really have good blog posts in my head sipping my Starbucks and driving down the road. When I have time to post, I got nothing.

Why is it in the afternoon the fatigue of the day settles in? Is that why there are siestas in some cultures? Is it because I am so hooked on caffeine that the first round has worn off? I remember Horace and I brainstorming and concluding we needed to schedule the things we have to do during the times we are most productive. I know that sounds obvious, but if you are truly productive in the morning (and more people are than they care to admit) than do the hard stuff then. Do the stuff that requires the most effort, thought, and creativity when you are at your very best. Figure out your peaks and valleys energy-wise and make some adjustments to more effectively use your time. See if you can create a schedule with school, work, serving, family, etc where all the things you need to do happen at the times that make most sense for you.

For example, we moved our meetings and interaction (counseling, mentoring) into the afternoons. Not because they were less important but because it takes much less effort to present at a meeting on a topic you are passionate about or to hold a conversation on topics you know or enjoy.

I write this now remembering I have forgotten to live this out recently.

Gotta go. It’s the afternoon and I have my day backwards. I am supposed to be talking, but instead I am going to go study.


American Idol is starting to bore me. I am not getting any over the top wow moments. Adam is going to win, so life goes on.

I am focused on the Tribe.

Philippians 3:14 (ESV) I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.


Tony and Kris

Writing to appease Tony.

From Worst to First.

Scot – C’mon people. The feel good story has passed. He is blind and he is an inspiration. He can’t sing. Danny has a feel good story too, but he has the chops to accumulate votes.

Megan – If she can only recapture the voice from her audition. But, alas she can’t.

Anoop – Anoop stinks when he picks those R&B songs he likes as compared to the ones he picks to save himself. No save this week.

Lil Rounds – She might not be as good as we thought she was.

Allison – Hey judges! She’s sixteen. She lets her teenagehood determine her outfit and that is fine. Get over it. The song? She oversang it, but she is the best female now.

Matt – Thought it was going the way of the Coldplay song did a few weeks back. In spite of what the judges said it didn’t. He rocked The Fray

Danny – Can I let you in on a little secret? His voice isn’t amazing it’s good, but not as amazing as you all say it is. I like him, don’t love him.

Adam – Mr. Elvis Mullet screams alot. Is this a screaming competition? And yes, I just ranked him second for the week.

Kris – Watch out now. Is Kris going to slowly tap into Adam, Matt, and Danny’s voting bases and steal some votes.? He is gradually improving and sneaking up on the competition.  Some guy named David Cook did that I think and it paid off.

Bottom 3? Anoop, Megan, Matt

Matt goes and the judges do not save him.


Tonight I am just posting my random thoughts as is.

Michael – I am going down until the sun comes up….this is his niche…can’t tell how good the voice is…give it a 7

Allison – Blame it on the Heart – her voice sounds strange to me tonight…good, not great…7+

Kris – Garth Brooks…a bit boring, he’s kind of plain, but his good looks and solid voice will fly through – 7+

Lil Rounds – Martina McBride – Independence Day – sounded a little bit like Fantasia and in my book that is not a compliment….she kills every song though… a solid 8

Adam –Ring of Fire – “I don’t even what to think of this boy” said Randy Travis….dude continue creeps me out….weirdo…5

Scot – Wild Angels – Martina McBride – he is just not good….4

Alexis – Jolene – I like her, that song moved me… I think the judges misjudged on her tonight….she gets an 8

Danny – Jesus take the Wheel – thought it was just OK, a couple of moments, but the build up was weak – 7

Anoop – Always on My Mind – what?! He moved the whole family…. Dude saved himself this week…8+

Megan – Walkin After Midnight – Anita O’ Day meets Nina Simone meets Dinah Washington…is America up to that old diva thing? Don’t think so, but I am…. 8+

Matt – So Small – thought he really took over the song and rocked it, emma says very good…judges loved him…8

If you vote for Adam you have mental issues. If you don’t care for Megan our friendship might have to end. Anoop was excellent and I am not rooting for him. I would love to be in the church when Danny leads worship. 

Who goes home? I think it should be Scot. I would jump for joy if it was Adam. But, unfortunately I think it will be Matt. Look at the list. You could see have them all having some type of fan club. But, I am not sure about Matt. Too bad, I think he is worthy of the top ten.