Buying Books and Stuff

The Kindle Store.

Shopping is not the easiest. Well, it is if you know what you want.

I like book lists and suggestions when I look up a title. There are no lists like you might see on the real Amazon site and their only two suggestions for you to check out that might be similar to what you were looking up. Not a biggie, but I like looking around for stuff and this limits that fun. Much of the time I will spend some time on my computer looking up stuff on Amazon and then I can do one of two things. I can add it to my wish list when I am on my computer or the Kindle has an option to add to you wish list and you can keep it there. You can search within the Kindle store by typing in the author, title, key word, etc. It gives you the options of Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Blogs, Top Sellers, New & Noteworthy, and Recommended For you. Now in that option (recommended for you) they have around four pages or forty titles of suggestions.

Most books run around $9.99. Here are the prices of what I have on my wish list right now:

–       A Praying Life – $9.99

–       The Pursuit of God – 99 cents (although I am unsure of the formatting, i.e. PDF’s)

–       Souls in Transition – $9.99

–       Superfreakonomics – $9.99

–       Repacia: The Second Circle of Heck – $9.99

–       Freedom from Tyranny of the Urgent – $9.99

–       Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit – $9.99

–       The End is Now – $9.59

This next part of shopping might just be my favorite option.

Try a Sample.  This is beautiful. Especially for me, “Kenny the book starter”. You can download a sample that will give you up to the foreword and the first two chapters. I have found this to be incredibly helpful. This has allowed me to affirm that the book will be good one or not. I can see the writing style of new authors I have been interested in. I can read some of a book that hits on interests I have. This has saved be some money so far. And that is also why Superfreakonomics is in my wish list and why I just finished reading Timothy Keller’s Counterfeit Gods. I currently have samples to read of Perspectives on Family Ministry, The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher, and The Gospel Driven Life.

What have I bought or read?

–       Timothy Keller – Counterfeit Gods

–       In My Place Condemned He Stood – J.I. Packer (a free giveaway from Crossway)

–       Seth’s Blog

–       Suffering and the Sovereignty of God – John Piper

–       Desiring God (PDF) – John Piper

–       USA Today

–       Preaching in a Postmodern Culture (PDF) – Keller/Clowney

–       Reverb Study (PDF)

–       The Pilgrims Progress (Public Domain) – John Bunyan

–       Preaching Christ in All of Scripture – Edmund Clowney

–       The Complete User’s Guide to the Amazing Amazon Kindle 2 – This was a 99 cent book that is worth every penny

–       ESV Study Bible

–       Orthodoxy (Public Domain) – GK Chesterson

–       Why We Love the Church – Kevin DeYoung

–       Romans – R.C. Sproul

–       Vintage Church – Mark Driscoll

–       The New Oxford American Dictionary – Included.

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