Reading: Isn’t that what you want to know?

I think I have covered how a book reads pretty well, but let me elaborate on what reading does not translate well. Bibles. The Kindle is not going to replace how you carry your Bible. It is too tedious. For us Bible junkies we are rarely reading through a passage that is not going to take us to another passage somewhere in Scripture and that’s where the fun ends with the Kindle and the Bible. For example, if I am reading Matthew chapter 3 and it references Exodus (not sure if it would off the top of my head) it gets tedious. I have to go to Table of Contents, scroll to Exodus, click on Exodus, scroll to the chapter I want, and then turn pages to get to the verse I need. Bleh. You might wonder if you could just search the book and go directly to Exodus 3:17. Nope. If you search that it is going to be a very comprehensive search of Exodus and the number 3, and the number 17. Not together. It doesn’t read the formatting of a Bible the way we would want it to.

Is this a bad thing? Only for the sake I hoped it would be a great way to carry my Bible. And, because I love holding a Bible and perusing its pages this one doesn’t hurt so bad. Maybe because I spent money for it, but let’s face it if I have an Ereader I am going to have a Bible on it.

To finish that thought pattern. The Kindle is just not built for reference books. And for Bible lovers and pastors the Bible is a reference book. I would say that what I use in Logos Bible Software I would not use with my Kindle. And what I use my Kindle to read are not books I would add to Logos. Kabeesh?

Newspapers. I ran a 14-day trial of USA Today. Its OK. It has been very nice to read while traveling as compared to reading the news on my phone. But, it is not worth $11.99 a month.

It breaks down the paper in its appropriate sections and then you can scroll page by page through the articles. If you don’t want to read the article you turn to the scroll button take you to the next article with one move. You can also go to a section and it can list all the articles in it and you can go directly to that article.

Magazines. Haven’t tried one yet.

Blogs. If you are blog reader I think the Kindle is pretty limited since you can read any blog online for free.  You can access a RSS feeder like Google Reader, but it is similar to a mobile web look and the Internet is slower than your phone and a bit buggy. We’ll cover the Internet option later. I am only doing one blog. And that is Seth Godin. It is .99 a month and I like the way he reads and he keeps it short and too the point. I don’t really see me adding any other blogs since I access my Reader all day long and keep up with who I am following that way for free.

Note: I have since deleted my blog subscription. Waste of money.

Documents. This topic is bigger than you think. Kindle’s read PDF’s. Some interesting things to note; you can email PDF’s straight to your Kindle or USB them. What PDF’s would I need? One, is our Bible Fellowship curriculum.  The others are books on PDF’s. I already had Suffering and the Sovereignty of God in PDF format before I got the Kindle. I recently downloaded a series of talks from Timothy Keller and Edmund Clowney on PDF also.

Here are some things you should know.  All those options I mentioned earlier like font size and highlighting are null and void with PDF’s. That is frustrating. But there is a work around. With a Mac you can use Calibre and with a PC you can use Mobi Pocket Creator to convert them to a more Kindle friendly format. This is what I have chosen to do because it brings back the options of highlighting and notes. And having the PDF’s are pointless without those options for me. But, again there is a drawback. In the conversion most if not all formatting goes away. So it is one long document without any breaks. But, either way, PDF’s will not have a table of contents.

Since I wrote this I have found that Books turned into PDF’s are only readable if you don’t format them for highlighting and note taking. If you have additional questions about PDF’s let me know.

Next post: Buying books and stuff.


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