The reason the whole holding the book thing has worn off.

The reason.

Why has the whole holding the book thing worn off?

Highlighting and note taking. Now hear me out. Now, the majority of my reading is related to ministry. I highlight a bunch and then come back to those highlights to see what stuck out when I read it.  It is not the same with a Kindle, but the way Kindle works suits me well. To highlight you click before the first word then scroll (it highlights as you do) across the words you want to highlight and at the end click again and tada your section is underlined. Note taking is the same way and even simpler. You just start typing and a text box comes up and you type to your hearts desire. Hit OK when you are done and you have just now created your own neat little footnote.  A couple of other nice tools include a built in dictionary. Just move your cursor to the word and a inconspicuous box comes up at the bottom with a definition. Reading the author’s footnotes is easy, Move your cursor to the footnote number, click and it takes you to a page with what that footnote as. Hit Back or Previous Page and you are back to where you were and continued reading.

You might still be thinking, “ That sounds OK, but how helpful are highlights and footnotes in a Ereader. How does one reference them without clicking page after page to find what you noted”. That is a good question and my answer is why I am not missing the feel of a real book.

You can access your notes while you are in that book, You can choose to you can see what you have been noting at anytime. Your highlights and notes become a file called My Clippings.  You can open that file like a book and read through your stuff anytime. The icing on that cake is that you can hook the Kindle up to your computer and print that file and you now have a printed list of all your notes and all your highlights. Believe me, that is a real deal sealer for me.

Next Post: Reading different formats.


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